Your custom dress

How does it work ?

Each dress is unique, fully handcrafted by the designer herself, tailor made according to your personality, your tastes, and your desires. 

1 – Get in touch with the designer

Contact Sylvie Facon through the quote request form, or the appointment form, describe your desires, including the date and theme of the event.

Sylvie will respond to refine your request via email or to schedule an appointment. During your discussion, you can go over your project, express your desires, and address pricing and scheduling aspects.

You may find more information by exploring the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

2 – Sketching & materials

After initial discussions and reaching a preliminary agreement, the designer will present you with the first sketch, outlining the general design of your custom dress along with the proposed materials. Additionally, a detailed invoice will be issued.

Feel free to make any adjustments to any aspect of your custom dress. Sylvie will provide expert advice to guide you in making optimal choices, ensuring the final result aligns with your preferences and complements your physique.

3 – Execution & delivery

Once the sketch and materials have been approved, Sylvie will commence the creation of your custom dress.

If you have the opportunity to visit Sylvie’s workshop, you will be invited to a first fitting, where the dress is in the early stages of creation, with only the structure present. Subsequently, a second fitting will be arranged, allowing you to appreciate the final result as the dress takes its ultimate form.

For those unable to visit Sylvie’s workshop, remote orders are also possible. The designer is accustomed to working from photos and detailed measurements. Upon receiving your dress at home, you can try it on. If any adjustments are necessary, the dress can be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions..

I don’t have the ability to come to Arras. May I order remotely from abroad ?

It is definitely possible to order a custom-made dress remotely or from abroad. The designer is accustomed to working based on photos and detailed measurements. Once you receive your dress at home, you can try it on. If any adjustments are needed, the dress can be sent back for the designer to proceed with the necessary changes.

What is the average timeframe needed for the creation of a custom-made dress ?

Each creation is fully handcrafted, requiring 100 to 300 hours of work to complete a dress, however the availability of the designer must be taken into account. It’s recommended to contact Sylvie between 6 months and a year before the date of the event. If you need a dress within a shorter timeframe (2 weeks to 1 month) we invite you to visite the “Available dresses” section.

What is the average price range for a custom-made dress ?

The average price range for a custom-made dress is between 2 500 euros and 6 000 euros. The dress prices depend on the level of complexity, the cost of the materials, as well as your morphology.

What are the payment terms ?

A payment of 50% of the invoice amount is expected at the time of sketch validation, and the remaining amount will be due at the time of delivery. Payment arrangements may be proposed upon request.