Sylvie Facon

Dream dress designer

Creator of unique dresses, Sylvie Facon has fashioned a very singular style by distinguishing herself thanks to multiple talents, especially in painting, embroidery, and textile design. 

Over the years, Sylvie Facon personalizes her style and develops her own technical aspects. The lace appears there as obvious, worked alongside guipures, tulles and muslins that she juxtaposes to create subtle ranges of colors and daring plays of transparencies.

Imprints of poetry, Sylvie Facon’s dresses resemble paintings made up of textile patterns, draped effects, embroidery stitches, touches of paint and shards of pearls.

The designer’s favorite fabric, the lace properties provide a multitude of uses allowing her to illustrate her “canvas”: the transparency of the background tulle, the dullness of the patterns she cuts out, applies or inlays, the lightness of the fabric that allows her to refine and petticoat her creations, the appearance of the yarns used for manufacturing and the many regularly renewed color ranges.


Sylvie Facon draws her inspiration from nature, vegetation and flowers, while having a strong interest in Pre-Raphaelite painting and the dreamlike universe of tales. Certain flower textures remind her of fabrics such as crepon, velvet or silk with a changing effect, while their shapes suggest the volume of certain dresses. Plant-style laces provide her with a whole range of motifs that resonate with her creative universe: floral motifs of roses, peonies, tulips or irises, blooming, in bud or in a bouquet; shuttering motifs, foliage, grasses and other lianas arranged in rhythmic compositions, spidery motifs of delicate lace.

Sylvie Facon créatrice dans son atelier

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